Transmisinė alyva originali 31259380

Prekinis ženklas: "Volvo"
Turinys: 1 l
Aliejaus tipas: Visa sintetinė alyva
Aliejaus kokybės API: GL5
Alyvos klampos klasifikacija SAE: 75W-90
Pakuotės tipas: bakelis
Svoris: 945 g



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Transfer Case Oil (AWD) (1L) (75W-90) by Genuine Volvo
Product Description

Angle gear (aka transfer case) lubricant for many AWD Volvos '97-current. Full Synthetic, made in Germany

Vehicle Fitment: Volvo: 780 1991-91 | S40 2004-10 | S60 2002-09 | S70 2000-00 | S80 2004-11 | V50 2005-10 | V70 1998-00 | V70 2002-10 | XC60 2010-11 | XC70 2003-11 | XC90 2003-11

Country of Manufacture: Germany
Manufacture Quality: Genuine
Shipping Weight (lbs): 6.000

Volvo OE No.
Current No.: 31259380 Prior No.: 1161513, 1161618, 1161620, 1161648, 31367238

About Genuine Volvo

Genuine Volvo Logo

Originally a subsidiary of SKF bearings, Volvo (I roll) began rolling cars off the Swedish production lines in 1927. The ancient ideogram of a ring with an arrow bisecting at 1 o'clock was chosen as the company logo, a nod towards the company's long term involvement with iron alloys. Through the decades Volvo became synonymous with safety, owing in no small part to ad campaigns in the 70's showing Volvos stacked six high or crushed into cubes with perfectly functional cabin doors. Like fellow Swedish car manufacturer SAAB, Volvo was also an early adopter of advanced engine management and introduced the Lambda-Sond 3-way catalyst system in 1977. Elevated nickel content and careful engineering in the B21 family of engines has given Volvo legendary status as a durable car manufacturer with seven digit examples still rolling down the roads.

Even the most durable of automobiles eventually succumb to the rigors of daily life. has a comprehensive catalog of quality genuine Volvo parts to keep your Volvo rolling well into the six figures. Genuine parts are made by the vehicle manufacturer or by the highest quality original equipment manufacturers. Either way, this is the exact part that was used at the time of assembly.

If this is not the exact Transfer Case Oil (AWD) (1L) (75W-90) you are looking for, or you would like this part in a brand other than Genuine Volvo, please call us at (800) 467-9769 and one of our customer service experts will help you locate the exact part you need.
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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

Volvo 780 1991-1991
Volvo S40 2004-2010
Volvo S60 2002-2009
Volvo S70 2000-2000
Volvo S80 2004-2011
Volvo V50 2005-2010
Volvo V70 1998-2000
Volvo V70 2002-2010
Volvo XC60 2010-2011
Volvo XC70 2003-2011
Volvo XC90 2003-2011




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